RSM - Rencontre Sportive Malagasy

              RSM stands for “Rencontre Sportive  Malagasy”. RSM is an annual sporting event held every summer among
      Malagasy citizens residing in North America. They have a competition every year and there are 3 teams involved:
      one team is from the Washington DC area (including Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware), another team is
      from the New York area (including New Jersey, New York and Connecticut) and the third team is from Canada.
      Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball and Bocce Ball have been the main sports being played at this event.
      However, new ideas/other sports are always welcome. Each regional area take turns every year in hosting
      this sporting event .

      RSM 2007 was successfully  held on June 30th and July 1st, 2007. This event was hosted by RSM Washington DC.

     RSM 2007 Rosters & Results

    RSM Timeline:

     RSM 2002 Montréal Canada (May 25th)

     RSM 2003 New York - New Jersey (June 28th - 29th)

     RSM 2003 Montréal Canada (August 30th - 31st)

     RSM 2004 Maryland (July 2nd - 3rd)

     RSM 2005 Montréal Canada (July 2nd - 4th)

     RSM 2006 Riverbank State Park New york City (July 1st - 2nd)

     RSM 2007 Washington D.C. (June 30th - July 1st)

     RSM 2008 Montréal Canada (June 29th  - 30th)

     RSM 2009 Aberdeen, New Jersey (July 11th  - 12th)

     RSM 2010 Montréal Canada (July 3rd - 4th)













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